Options to work with me

As I am not a consultant/coach 100% of my time, I like to keep things simple, workable and helpful.
This means that I prefer to co-create solutions with my clients. It has to work for both of us.
Here are a few ways of how that could look like:

Live your Vision 

A 5 week immersion in creating change in your life or business (short one-on-one program)


'Sit-in-Facilitation' (incompany)

Hire me for one day to ....have transformational conversations with whom is interested and willing
or to have me as an 'add-on' in your program or mastermind


Executive Deep Dive

An ongoing 'conversation' for 6 months. Every 2 weeks we co-explore  for about an hour and a half (long one-on-one program)

Feel free to contact me  or schedule a get acquainted call to see if we click
and to see if our ideas about 'working together' match.